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released August 31, 2015



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The Master of Inane Conversation London, UK

vocalist, producer, poet. jack of a few trades, master of none except making inane conversation.

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Track Name: Loveless?
Girls left and my dad left,
I'm numb now but I was upset,
It put things into perspective,
Hence why my lyrics are so introspective,

Girls left and my dad left,
I'm numb now but I was upset,
It put things into perspective,
That's why I might come across as loveless.
Track Name: Yüng Kevin Shields
Misanthorpy, modus operandi,
I'll share it with you gladly,
Misanthropy, modus operandi,
I'll share it with you gladly,
Not even feeling angry.
Cutting off cysts, don't need em,
blood letting freedom,
I don't need a reason,
Cutting off cysts, don't need em,
blood letting freedom,
I don't need a reason.

Put yourself in my position,
That's perspective based excision,
See what it's like,
To get treated like a freak,
By everybody that you meet,
In the street,
Just because you're a nigger that speaks,
with unusual diction,
So walk with me,
Experience this psychological eviction,
I receive, when I talk and ting,
Get funny stares from awkward individuals,
When I'm walking in,
Avant garde, so you might as well auction him,
To the highest bidder,
Who wants entitlement over this lanky nigga?
I don't spit about pulling triggas,
And I don't smoke weed,
I play kid Icarus until my fingers bleed,
My 3ds is the only commodity I need,
That was too fast, outta time,
I'm the boogiest dude in the whole of grime,
Vans connoisseur who can't even rhyme,
Might as well just dead it.


Cruising aimlessly with Cruz,
Wearing exclusive Puma shoes,
On the mic I chat poo, like doing verbal number 2's,
I'm the elephant in the room, I'm going Dumbo on you dudes,
And I can see from your countenance, that you don't know what to do,
Don't wear Gucci, don't wear Prada, I'm not close with my father,
I don't rock waves in my hair,
Won't see me sipping on a beer,
I could have said lager,
But I'm contrary so it's harder,
To do what's expected,
So by my peers rejected,
I don't wear Stoneys or Trueys,
I don't bun trees of any degree,
I dont touch indica, haze
Or by any means, hashish
Additionally, I'd like to add,
That I don't skank to afrobeats,
And whining to bashment,
Is not my priority,
I would actually prefer to get bricked in my teeth,
By a cinderblock that weighs 21 kg,
I'm not like this on purpose, it's just my personality,
My decision to be unique,
Was ingrained into my genes,


Tall black bloke,
I've never had a smoke,
Spend all my money,
In Lazy Oaf,
Trip to Uniqlo,
Wallet starts to choke,
Most of my conversations,
Are with Professor Oak,
Said I couldn't spit,
You shouldn't have spoke,
That's not grammatically correct,
But it goes with the flow,
I don't go with the flow,
I've never touched a toke,
Before I make pop tunes,
I'll give my eye a poke,
With the pen that was used,
To record these bars I wrote,
Used to take absinthe,
To the back of my throat,
My lighties come in twos,
With ochre skintones,
Spend most of my evenings,
Blaring out Deftones.
Feeling catatonic like I was gone off mephedrone,
But I'm still going on turnt like I can't leave the meth alone,
But family,
I'm straight edge,
Never put a needle near my bones.
Yüng Kevin Shields, I'm fully in my zone.

Track Name: Mallard
Don't wanna buck em,
If I see them on road,
I'ma duck em,
Don't wanna buck em,
If I see them on road.
Don't wanna buck em,
If I see them on road,
I'ma duck em,
Don't wanna buck em,
If I see them on road.

Don't really need excess thoughts,
Entering my ears,
Got enough stress,
I am not inclined to talk,
In the street,
Vexation manifests,
When I'm forced,
To converse,
I am not blessed,
In the art of asinine chitchat,
Chitchat, I'm wack,
Perspiration increases,
You can tell by the sweat patch,
Consternation takes hold,
From the age of old,
As a soul,
I'm underbold,
So to the thought of speaking to you, I'm not sold on,
Ducking old friends,
Ducking girls,
Avoiding family friends,
Don't wanna talk to any of them,
I'm a vulpine fellow,
just looking for my den,
Leave me be,
In my reclusivity,
Not an introvert,
But when I'm seen unexpectedly,
I feel taciturn,
For fear of stumbling my words,
Songs by Suicide Silence,
Shredding inner ears,
Are preferable to hear,
To the noise of the thing on your face, that's swapped for your rear,
Tryna get home, have an aversion to poo on my lobes,
Save your verbal diarrhea.

Don't wanna buck em,
If I see them on road,
I'ma duck em,
Don't wanna buck em,
If I see them on road, I'm going to pretend like I never even saw them. because I really can't do this today. I need to go to Morrisons. Spices aisle.
Track Name: Nutmeg Psychosis
This brown dust covers my whole existence,
Mentally, physically and spiritually,
My clothes are saturated in stomach acid,
My brain is a mere husk now,
I am a dessert, seasoned in a fine powder,
A meal for the earth for the earth.
Track Name: A Permanent Resident of Xia Bau's Grove (Against All) / Angel Dust (Bonus)
A Permanent Resident of Xia Bau's Grove (Against All):

(Scene from Avatar: Legend of Korra featuring character Zaheer, voiced by Henry Rollins, speaking)
You've had to deal with a moronic president and a tyrannical queen. Don't you think the world would be better off if leaders like them were eliminated?

This earth is bringing me down, you are bringing me down, no longer sound. (repeated)

If you continue talking to me like that,
I will do the unspeakable! Unbelievable, Let me live! I am not your Netflix. Swallowing pride like breadsticks, I stoutly reject your attempt to use me for your entertainment, HORRIBLE THINGS, littered in every corner of the brain house, soul kerosene douse, past thoughts of thoughts of past thoughts, mangle sent emotions they contort, live my life, live a year in my skin suit, facade of being astute to mask my shame, you will know what it means to feel absolute frustration, WANTED AN N64, NOT A PLAYSTATION, I wish death upon (???), this bed is Guantanamo, holding it in, a race is a sin, cleanse the earth of gaia's affliction can't be very bold, rage is so hot, steam it could scald, this girl will die when the ethereal lance is placed into my hand, fear of reprimand, Kid A drawing from saline duct of bare eye, pores emanate an intangible misanthropic pus, have I done the right thing? Clipping my own wings, self castrate, wiping the atmosphere of every reprobate, phobia of touch, carrying too much, chastity is my costume, the third most common liquid in the bathroom, some kind of mysticism keeps me in the bed, can barely lift my head, but I get no rest, cerebral ache, skull quake, obliterate your clan, my fantasy.

these are the things that beat me down everyday when I return home from a routine of pretending, guilt hounds me, misery becomes me, sorrow invades me.


Angel Dust:

If you chat rough, then you'll get borrd,
Lick a man with the master sword,
Outpacing whips when I'm on my board,
Man cut me up so I bricked up his ford,
Shout out falafel and falafel wraps,
If I go broke, I'm pilfering racks,
Only metalhead you'll see in the trap,
Nike pouch full of veganish snacks,
In my bedroom, I've got a GameCube,
When I'm on the mic, I'm overly crude,
Only got love for a couple of dudes,
If you're not one, I'll probably be rude,
If you've got a gun, I dare you pull it,
Don't think that I'm scared of bullets,
Two two punch straight in your gullet,
Got a couple notes in my supreme wallet,

Flow's erratic,
Hit you with the automatic,
You don't want war,
I stay drug free,
I only think I'm addicted to,
Is coleslaw,
Basic bruddas,
They're nothing like them,
Deafening myself with Faith No More,
Won't ever stop with this music ting,
Until I get myself a sold out tour.

Eediat, you can't test Lamski Coyotes,
No I don't smoke, I don't wanna any tokes,
Asked your girl if I'm buff, she was like "totes",
Now she don't want any average blokes,
Incense burning in my yard,
Just out here with some Pokemon cards,
Posted on my ones in pigeon park,
Reebok Classics, colour is dark,
Don't care what you man thought,
Cos your perspective's warped,
Man's banging out bare Cannibal Corpse,
Not a Sith Lord but I come with force,
Veggie boy, don't offer me chicken,
Because I will start headsplitting,
Kill off your boy like he was krillin,
Slipknot flow, I'ma start (bloodspilling)

Flow's erratic,
Hit you with the automatic,
My flow's erratic,
Hit you with the autoratic (MISTAKE)
Flow's erratic,
Hit you with the automatic,
Won't ever stop with this music ting, until I get myself a sold out tour.